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Our Company

Our Goal: Social Entrepreneurship

CICG takes a Social Entrepreneurship approach, focusing on individuals, companies, and organizations who develop solutions to social, environmental, and other current problems using modern business techniques, and seeking innovative ways to operate and to drive change. The goal is not to earn a profit for our shareholders; rather, the goal is to assist clients in implementing improvements that lead to positive outcomes for their businesses and society.

Our goal is to assist leaders – in business, academia, government and more – to access the tools they need to create meaningful change, inside and out of their organization. We help our clients access public and private funding, create feasible business plans and go-to-market plans, build their internal capacity through training, expand their networks, and extend their capacity by providing on-demand expertise. The full breadth of our services can be read here: By providing a diverse portfolio of professional services and expertise, we help leaders enact dramatic organizational shifts to make their vision a reality.

Our Partners

Marketing, product, and communications company
ZGM is an Alberta-based marketing communications firm that helps good organizations make a greater mark on the world. They do this by creating brand experiences, leveraging marketing technologies but never forgetting that there's a real person on the other side of the screen - making emotional connections that builds brand and moves the needle. For more information, visit 
 Uproot Food Collective

Edmonton, AB – based high-quality food products collective

Uproot Food Collective is Edmonton’s first high-quality food products collective, where local food product companies have banded together to improve quality while keeping costs down. Uproot helps companies improve distribution, back-end management, and obtain investment capital. For more information visit  
 Halford Consulting

Specialists in leadership transition, governance, and business advisory 

Halford Consulting is a specialized professional services 
firm that leverages research and practice to support clients’
success with business solutions in the areas of governance, 
leadership and general advisory. Visit
Shred Capital

Shred Capital provides early-stage funding and venture consulting for startups. We have built and grown companies in New York and Toronto, Vancouver and Silicon Valley. We are at our best when working side-by-side with passionate entrepreneurs who are taking their first or (ideally) second swing at creating a game-changing business… or a business-changing game. You know your business better than anyone else, but we provide the nuts and bolts analysis that can unlock the right kind of financing just when your company needs it the most. For more information visit

The Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN) is a coalition of organisations in the Edmonton region that support innovation startups and enterprises. ERIN support service provider programs aimed at assisting innovation companies improve market readiness with the goal of increasing profitability and longevity. Visit for more info.

Some of the clients CICG has helped:

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Background of the Company

Campus Innovation Consulting Group Inc. (CICG) is made up of four directors who work closely with a reliable and dedicated team of consultants with targeted areas of expertise such as business development, IT management, the sciences, First Nations liaison, education, writing and editing, financials, accounting, HR, and website development. We provide research, innovative options, operations and organizational reviews with implementation strategies, project management, and more in a range of areas.

Key Benefits

CICG takes a bridging position in most endeavours. Our networks in R&D, education, industry, eLearning, IT, entrepreneurship, and FNMI communities are bridged with our complimentary expertise in operations, business, administrative renewal, learning models, quality assurance, change management, process renewal, and innovation and research and development planning, analysis, and engagement. CICG’s clients include innovation-driven SMEs, education and other public sector organizations, First Nations groups, and non-profit organizations, together providing a diversity that fosters both creativity and change.

Most of CICG’s clients are repeat customers or have been referred by existing clients. They cite excellent quality, solid value, flexibility, and high levels of reliability, honesty, and trust as reasons to return for their next project or for referring other clients. CICG remains focused on meeting the client’s needs, and ensuring that our approach is customized in a way that always best addresses the immediate goals at hand. Whether you need coaching, someone to perform professional services for you, or something in between – we are ready to help.

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