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Training and Coaching

Training and Coaching to Empower Your Business

Training – Coaching – Workshops

At CICG, one of our main goals is to provide training, coaching, and mentoring services to help our clients achieve the knowledge and skills transfer that best suits the needs of their employees and builds the right kind of capacities to benefit their organizations.  Our course developers and training instructors are highly qualified and have specialized expertise in a variety of areas with relevant experience in providing training to adult learners.

The diverse experience, expertise, and cumulative knowledge within our team of professionals also enables CICG to offer a wide array of Workshops and Training Seminars – and we have the flexibility to add more all the time. Workshop formats range from a one-hour Lunch & Learn to Half-Day or Full-Day Seminars. Please see “Our Professionals” table below for a sample of course topics (this list includes some of our professionals but is not exhaustive).

CICG’s Approach to Training

Our approach to training focuses specifically on the adult learner, and the unique ways in which training and instructing must be designed and presented to these learners in their given employment environments for successful retention and application.  To this end, our training is rooted in the expertise of our primary Adult Training Team Leads, all of whom offer oversight and input to all our training instructors when needed:

Dr. Margaret Haughey is an internationally recognized leader in adult education, Margaret has many years of experience in adult education, and leading and implementing organizational change. She recognizes the importance of innovative thinking and the need for frequent repositioning of strategic goals, training, and capacity building to keep the organization focused on innovative development and aligned with new technology and learning models. A former teacher, instructional designer, researcher, recognized expert in distance and adult education, and senior executive in a range of provincial and national adult educational settings, she believes in collaborative engagement at all levels to foster the development of authentic learning environments. Margaret holds doctoral and master’s degrees in educational administration from the University of Alberta and an undergraduate degree from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dr. Dietmar Kennepohl has 30 years of teaching experience in Chemistry and has taught at major academic institutions both in Canada and abroad. He is a published science researcher and has received numerous teaching awards. His expertise is in the areas of online teaching instruction and adult education methods and practices, especially with technical, industrial/manufacturing, and science-based content.  He works collaboratively with organizations to assist in developing and changing strategies, internal processes, and team building.  He holds academic credentials from McMaster University (BSc Hons) and the University of Alberta (PhD).

Deanna Douglas has 25 years of experience working in adult education, business consulting, and advising. She focuses in particular on small to medium-size business development, which includes coaching and training to help managers and executives identify and leverage strategies, alternatives, and human resources to maximize success.  She is an experienced trainer in ICT, process change, development, and implementation for organizations seeking efficiency improvements and growth. She works collaboratively with all stakeholders and provides support to enable organizations to realize new and innovative pathways.

Training Courses – Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) Eligible

Our training courses are Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)-eligible. How does it work? You apply for funding under CAJG and, if approved, the program provides a mechanism for you to acquire the training you need at a lower cost to you. The CAJG “de-risks” the training of your employees by providing two thirds of the training costs for our eligible courses, leaving you to pay for only one third. The program can also cover up to 100% of training course costs for unemployed hires. For more information, go to

Through the CAJG program, we can help your business expand its core competencies through our courses, on a clear time frame.  Some applicable training courses are:

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Leadership training

  • Process improvement (taught by Deanna Douglas)

  • Exit strategies

  • Global supply chain management

  • R&D and engineering project planning and implementation

  • Strategy for development of disruptive technologies and services

CAJG-eligible courses are a minimum of 21 hours long, and we issue certificates of completion.

Click here to see a full listing of our training courses, workshops, and mentoring services.
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